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Our role is to help you select the best venue and location based on your budget, style, and preferences. We also book the travel arrangements for you and your guests. We work for you and your guests, not the hotels or venues. Beyond booking you and your guests’ accommodations and airfare, a destination wedding travel advisor will act as a liaison and ambassador between you and the resort venue or onsite wedding team. We are well-versed in each venue and location on the island that we work with, and we know the exact legal requirements for marriage, as well as wedding packages, and reception venues in each resort area, so our recommendations will be much more tailored to your desired wedding experience and needs. We work in tandem with the onsite venue team to ensure that all requests such as décor, flowers, menus and all aspects of the planning are executed as expected. Our DW travel advisors are typically based in the US from California to Miami. There is no doubt you will save yourself time, stress and dollars by hiring us as part of your professional destination wedding team.

Unless you have visited Jamaica, many times and know all the resorts and wedding locations, we strongly suggest that you use our professional experts. We have over 30 years of experience and we have planned more than 5000 destination weddings in Jamaica. Our expertise and insider resort knowledge is beyond compare when it comes to knowing which locations to recommend. We will be able to narrow down an entire country into 3-4 destination venue options, so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed with this initial, yet vital choice from the outset. Not all hotels and resort wedding teams are equal, and neither is the level of expertise and services of onsite wedding teams. We have preferred hotels and wedding planner teams that we work very closely with and we monitor the quality of every island partner on a regular basis. If there are repeat quality and services issues, we do not work with them. Having someone in your corner as a go-to resource for both you and your guests will alleviate any unnecessary planning headaches that are sure to come if left to plan a destination wedding on your own.

First of our Wedding and Honeymoon planning services are complimentary when you confirm your Destination Wedding with us. A non-refundable wedding deposit is required to confirm any ceremony date by every venue or resort on the island. This deposit can range anywhere from $100 to 50% of the entire wedding cost depending on where you book. Our team will advise you on all ceremony / reception location costs and wedding extras and options available at the time of confirming the ceremony date. All travel that includes a flight, hotel and transport also requires a non-refundable deposit ranging from $100 per person to 50% cost of the entire travel itinerary.
Not all hotels in Jamaica offer All Inclusive. Some are smaller boutique style and maybe available as room only or bed and breakfast, however most couples who travel and stay in Jamaica opt for All Inclusive option because it offers such great value and there are many other benefits included such as all-day snacks, alcoholic drinks, nightly shows and entertainment, watersports, activities and some offer unlimited gourmet dining. Flight pricing for economy class tickets to Jamaica can range from $400 - $ 1500 per person depending upon dates of travel, airline, departure airports and season. Air tickets can only be booked 300 days in advance of the return date, so we highly recommend securing your wedding dates, hotel and resort long before flights are even available to book. Hotel pricing in Jamaica can range anywhere from $200 per room per night to $9,000 per room per night and again based upon the hotel brand, quality, location and services offered. The good news is that we can help you narrow down the location and chosen hotel stay to match your expected budget and experience that you are looking for. In fact, we very often save our clients on costs by booking a wedding vacation package that comes with huge perks, and if you are traveling with a group of 10 rooms or more we can save the wedding couple on complimentary nights including their entire resort stay costs if the wedding group is big enough.
Honeymooning in Jamaica has so much to offer from hundreds of locations each with their own style and personality. The cost of a honeymoon in Jamaica can range anything from $2000 per person to $6000 per person again depending upon your dates, destination resort, room category and upgrades and length of stay. One thing’s for certain though the island of “One Love” is the ultimate foundation destination for starting out life as Mr. and Mrs.

There are so many options and variables when it comes to the wedding or reception packages. We work with many partners that can offer a simple 2-person ceremony and cake cutting reception with a glass of bubbly, all the way to the most extravagant Tropical paradise ceremony complete with authentic steel drum bands, rum tasting bar and late-night jerk chicken snacks. The average cost of a destination wedding package in Jamaica including flights, hotel and wedding package is around $10,000, depending upon the number of guests attending, entertainment, private reception and customized add-ons. Most couples opt to have at least a witness or a few guests accompany them and therefore want to add some décor, chairs, floral bouquets, photos, video, musician’s, entertainment and dinner reception. This is where the “true” on island destination experience creates memories that will last for a lifetime.

The language spoken is Jamaica is English. Local dialect can also be heard known as Patoi.

USD$ are widely accepted throughout the island. Local currency is Jamaican dollar.

The weather often changes in Jamaica between dry and wet weather. It’s recommended to travel outside of the busiest seasons to have access to more of the island to yourself. The best time to visit Jamaica is between January to April. These months are generally the driest and relatively cool months. The island gets the least amount of rain between February and March, so you’ll have a better chance at beautiful weather day and night. The times to avoid visiting Jamaica is during the rainy or hurricane season, lasting from June-November, although the most severe weather generally lasts from September – November.

Jamaica is a well-connected destination with international airports in the resort areas of Sangster International airport in Montego Bay (MBJ), and also Kingston (KIN). Most vacation travelers fly into MBJ as it has the most frequent flights from the USA and also closest to the resort areas of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.